Smart, Effetive, Dispute Resolution and Advocacy


Smart, Effective, Dispute Resolution, Advocacy, and Investigation


Focused on the Resolution, Prepared for the Trial

Are there times when litigation and trial are necessary?  Sure.  But, they are the exception, not the rule.  The goal of my services is not to go to trial, but to reach a common understanding about value and risk in order to resolve the dispute. The decisions of whether or not to litigate, and whether or not to settle claims are the clients' to make. So, I work hard to educate my clients so that they can make the best decisions for there lives.   





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Areas of Practice


Mediation is a voluntary process by which the parties can informally discuss the potential to resolve their differences.  When successful, mediation is a cost effective method to resolve disputes. 

A skilled mediator possesses the ability to ferret out the motivations of the parties, provide key insight into the value of the claims, and possesses the tools to meaningfully discuss the risks and benefits of further litigation with all of the stake holders in language that they can understand.

Contract Disputes

The terms are clear.  The course of dealings established.  And, yet, there are still disputes.  Gain an understanding of how the courts will interpret the contract, understand your risks, and evaluate

EArly Mediation

Don't like legal bills?  Why wait for the fees and costs to mount before engaging in mediation. 

I provide cost effective, early mediation services geared towards obtaining resolutions prior to litigation.  If you have a dispute, it is better to open the lines of communication through an impartial 3rd party, in a confidential setting, early in the process. This gives you the best chance to avoid otherwise unnecessary legal fees and to clear your liabilities

Litigation Consulting

Are you an attorney who doesn't usually litigate claims, but suddenly finds some litigation in your docket?  Well, I am experienced in consulting with such attorney; providing insight into procedural tools, preparation techniques, and risk assessment.  

Employment Matters

I have spent over a decade representing employees who were discriminated against, retaliated against, and/or who were not paid in accordance with California laws. 

Workplace Investigations

With experience in litigating wrongful termination and related employment matters, I can conduct your workplace investigations to help you determine your risk and/or the need for remedial actions.  I am thorough, detailed, and know how to question witnesses, even reluctant ones.




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